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How Getting Fit Expands Your Mind

April 26, 2018


When you start a program to get healthy and fit, develop better habits, get out of pain, or

whatever the case may be, one thing you probably don’t expect is how your mind transforms.


Health and fitness can be very elusive, multi-failure, hard to reach topics for the majority of

people. You may have even thought at one point that it’s just not possible for YOU to achieve

your goals, especially when under the influence of prior failures.


My first piece of advice is just take the first step. Then the next step and then the next. If you

keep taking a step forward, you eventually arrive at your destination. It’s simple when you look

at it like that, isn’t it?


It comes down to making the right choices at each meal, to exercise daily, to go to sleep on

time, to drink water, etc.


When you start to build your confidence and see results around something you may have

previously believed to be impossible, it’s incredible what areas of your life open up.


I’ve seen people grow courageous enough to start businesses because of their fitness results.

I’ve seen women choose to leave bad relationships from the confidence they built through

fitness. I’ve seen 50 and 60-year-old previously un-athletic people pursue fitness certifications

because of how their results made them feel and the desire to pass that on to others.


So, whether you’re deep into your fitness journey or just thinking about getting started, know

that if you keep your mind open, success in fitness shows you that anything is possible.


Fitness is empowerment to the core. Believe it and be amazed by the expansion of your mind

as you see the possibilities.


Yours in Health,

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