About Machine Fitness

Machine Fitness is a Wellness company based in Davie, Florida who prides itself on excellent service. We offer a viable, proven weight loss and fitness solution that is backed by the only 100% money back guarantee in South Florida. We are the answer for those that have repeatedly tried to lose weight, tone up and/or increase their overall health in the past but have consistently failed. Our focus and expertise lies primarily with two distinct demographics:
1. Women who have lost their physique (and much of their self-confidence) due to the understandable demands of motherhood and/or through their devotion to their chosen career…or a combination of both.

2. Professional men who have been devoted to their chosen career and supporting their family that have lost much of the vitality of their younger years.

Through our sincere commitment to providing excellent service and delivering results to our clients, we put an emphasis on continuing education. We implement only proven nutrition and training systems that allow us to be ourselves and do what we love to do and that’s coach you. We work with the understanding that in order for our company to be successful, we must work to ensure that our clients are successful.


I know that modern life can be jam-packed, making it hard to prioritize fitness. I offer specialized exercise programs that will accommodate your busy schedule, while allowing you to meet all of your fitness goals. Your health and fitness is my top priority. Check out the different ways in which I can help you get in shape.






Should you be arriving by car, we offer a parking lot with parking for our customers.